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The Midnight EP available now

Paranormal City is an Electro - , Acoustic based teenage artist from Ireland.

Releasing online in 2012 with small ambient beats and started his own produced material in 2012, he also began producing music for other online artists. Arranging some of the original music and has written a few full length scores himself for indie flicks. 

Mark has appeared on festival stages, television and radio spots in both the UK and Ireland.

With airplay on BBC's Across The Line, features on industry podcasts both in the UK and the USA and an appearance on Balcony TV Dublin. His recent gigs have found him playing along side the likes of More than Conquerors and New Ancestors among many others. certainly a name to watch. 

Since then he's played across Ireland and The UK, in both gigs and festivals and built a fan base in their thousands supporting his music through the multiple amount of EPs produced by the young idol garnered him a significant following on social media. 

Awards/ Achievements include Young Irish music achievers award, Nominated for J Magazine for best artist of 2014, Young UK and Irish Music nominee, featured on YouTube most viewed twice for his combination of million of hits on his social media platforms.